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Superman: Lazy Bum

Having just read the list of Superman’s extensive, and let’s be clear here, astounding powers, I have a question for him. What are you doing with your time? Here is a short list of things he could be doing to improve humanity.

1. Go to Saturn’s rings, haul back a shit load of ice and begin terraforming Mars to make it habitable. Perhaps move it slightly closer to the Sun if needed.


2. Move Venus into our orbit, 180 degrees away from Earth, and get it moving at the same velocity as Earth

3. Begin terraforming Venus to make it habitable.

4. Coordinate with the UN to help set up colonies on Mars, Venus, and Europa.

5. Take human designed and built sensor packages to Pluto, Mercury, and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.


6. Go scout the closest star systems for human habitable planets.

That’s all for now.

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