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Hulk Short

This would be an animated short to appear before another Marvel property or as 1/3 of an episodic live-action Marvel movie.

Far in the future in a small town/village on an alien world, our put-upon small human community survives under the heal of an alien overlord that occupies the entire system. They are considered heretics because they refuse to join the dominant official religion as imposed by the aliens. They cling to their worship of a rough stone statue that stands in a shrine built around the statue. The showdown comes when the planetary governor visits with a travelling commission to examine the beliefs of the locals and to brand them official outcasts with dire consequences to come.


Anyway, it turns out the statue is the Hulk and he's been regenerating for 500+ years after falling into the local star. In the climax he wakes up when the aliens try to determine the statue's composition with various alien instruments and tools. He proceeds to destroy everything alien in the system including warships, planetary and orbital defense systems, and generally causes mayhem liberating the human population.

The End.

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