Is there anybody looking into the missing spaces between sentences problem? I thought it was only when people double-spaced, with squishing their sentences together as the punishment, but seems not to be the case. The second sentence was double-spaced and this one isn't. Let's see what happens. » 11/26/14 3:27pm Today 3:27pm

On the upside, once the FCC gets its hooks into the internet, they'll be free to take complaints from the religious right, feminists, and grandparents everywhere about exposed boobs, problematic penis microaggressions, and the number of times the F-word is being used on Youtube. » 11/26/14 1:44pm Today 1:44pm

Maybe — maybe — one day far in the future when comic book movies are so ubiquitous that audiences are no longer thrilled with them and they don't make as much money — maybe then Marvel and DC would consider trying to make a crossover movie to give fans something new to see (and buy tickets for).

» 11/26/14 9:22am Today 9:22am

I paid my car loan off with a 0% interest rate courtesy check from my BOA VISA. 19 months interest free for a simple 3% fee. I paid the last part of the balance in 17 months. They still send me the checks. I wish I had something else worth spending the money on, because it's cheap. » 11/26/14 7:04am Today 7:04am